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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Review: Quaker Banana Nut Bread Soft Baked Bars

Hey everyone! It's Voxbox time again! So excited! I was really excited and happy that I got picked for the latest Influenster Summer Beauty VoxBox! It was full of great products which I will be reviewing here and on my Youtube channel.

One of those great products was the Quaker Banana Nut Bread Soft Baked Bar. I was really excited to test this because I LOVE banana nut bread and I love on the go healthy snacks! I am always on the go so I am always looking for a good snack. 

So upon first glace the packaging was very nice. The wrapper is see through which is nice cause you can see the bar inside. I liked how they highlighted some of the nutrition information on the side of the wrapper. I always liked that the wrapper gave you the tip to try the bar warmed up. I might not have thought to warm it up otherwise.

I took mine out of the wrapper and cut it in half so that I could warm up one side and keep the other piece cold so I could try it both ways. It felt really soft and not as hard as I thought it would feel with the pieces of nuts on top. The bar looks like a granola bar but softer and with crushed up pieces of almonds and it looked like walnuts on top.

The bar didn't really smell much like banana nut bread. It smelled more like some sort of oatmeal. I was a little worried maybe it wouldn't taste like banana nut bread and more like oatmeal.

I tasted the cold piece first. At first the first taste I tasted was definitely the banana. It tasted just like a banana nut bread slice. The nuts on top did give it a nice bit of crunch and texture. It was a little bit dry I thought because I did need some water afterwards but it wasn't too bad.

I tried the warmed up piece next and surprisingly it was a different kind of flavor. It kind of toned down the banana flavor which I wasn't too fond. However warming it up did tie the flavors together nicely and it tasted like eating a warmed up piece of banana bread. I did agree that it tasted better warmed up.

The nutrition content is 140 calories, 5g fiber, 20% daily value of B vitamins, 6g protein.
Prices vary but I did see a 4 pack box at Target for $2.00.

So here are the pros and cons.

The pros are I liked the flavor, it truly tasted like banana nut bread. I liked the crunchy texture of the nuts on top. I liked the flavor warmed up. I also liked the way this could be a great on the go breakfast.

My only con would be that I would have liked more of a banana flavor and maybe a bit more moist.

I would definitely repurchase this product especially after seeing on their site that it also comes in a Cinnamon Roll Flavor which sounds delicious!

I really enjoy testing this out and want to try the other flavor!

Thanks to Influenster for providing this in my VoxBox for testing!