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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Product I LOVE: Stash Herbal Tea Sampler!

I am literally IN LOVE with Stash Tea. After getting the Sampler in my Influenster VoxBox I was really excited to try it out because I LOVE tea. I drink tea all the time, like 3-4 cups a day. Usually my favorite black tea, with lemon and sugar but I do love fruit and herbal tea's as well because they are good for you and refreshing!

I had tried Stash tea's before. And I did always enjoy it. However I hadn't tried some of these flavors in the sampler so I was super excited to do so!

So the flavors included in this sampler are two tea bags each of the following flavors: acai berry, blueberry superfruit, chamomile, cinnamon apple chamomile, lemon ginger, licorice spice, mango passionfruit, peppermint, and wild raspberry hibiscus.

My favorite of the flavors was probably the mango passionfruit, lemon ginger, and blueberry superfruit. It was so good and really made me feel relaxed and refreshed. And what was really nice about the sampler pack was the flavor variety. You can try out all the flavors and enjoy them! They tasted just like the description which was nice. They are all caffeine free and natural.

Just pour boiling water in and steep for about 3-5 minutes and enjoy!

I can honestly say it was the best tea I ever tried and I loved it, plan on repurchasing!

For more info:

Also a big thanks to Influenster for allowing me the opportunity to test this product!

Stay tuned...more reviews and beauty tips coming soon!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

UPDATE: Kiss Nail Decals 2 day Results

So I have had my Kiss Nail Dress Decals on for about 2 days now and I just wanted to update and let you all know how they are holding up!

So here is the picture from this morning! As you can see they are still fully in tact and they are holding up quite well. I have washed dishes, went to work with them on, cooked, cleaned, opened cans of soda, and all through they are still on and not hardly scratched off. I do have one little issue with my right pointer finger chipped a little on one edge but that doesn't surprise me because I have a messed up finger nail on that hand and it always breaks or chips or gets messed up. It s hardly noticeable though!

So so far my Kiss Nail decals passed the 2 day mark with no chipping yet!

I must say I am impressed! Thanks again to Influenster for providing them in my Influenster Love VoxBox!

My New Favorite Chocolate: Ghirardelli 32% Cacao Chocolate

Another goodie from my Influenster Love VoxBox! OMG. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Lol.

I am a huge milk chocolate fan and seeing this inside my VoxBox was like opening presents at Christmas. Cause what girl doesn't love chocolate. I don't know very many that don't!

I long knew that Ghirardelli was some of the best chocolate you could get but I really hadn't tasted this Gourmet Milk flavor yet and I was curious as to how it compared to other chocolates I have had.

Well let me just say this was the smoothest, richest, most luxurious chocolate I have ever ate in my life. Honestly.

It was such a rich creamy flavor that literally melts in your mouth and makes you wanna go back for another piece. I am not even a huge "sweets" eater but this chocolate bar literally made me want to eat the whole bar. I had to hold myself back. Lol.

This is definitely something I would repurchase! I wasn't originally going to write a blog on this product but I just had to because I really think others who like milk chocolate would really love this as well!

Hands down best chocolate I have ever ate! They are available in most grocery stores so pick one up for yourself today!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Truvía® natural sweetener Product Review!!

It's tea time!

Well anytime is tea time for me because I love tea but after receiving the Truvia Sweetener as part of my Influenster Love VoxBox I was very excited to try out Truvia!

I usually always have my tea the same way. Black tea, with lemon, and about 2 teaspoons of sugar. Yum. I am not a fan of coffee so it rules out that for me.

I had tried tea before with Sweet-n-Low and Splenda and I have to say I wasn't a very big fan. With Splenda because of it's powdery consistency I ended up getting a weird powdery froth on my tea and also little balls of powder which didn't wanna dissolve worth a damn floated around randomly. It was gross. Sweet-n-Low was a little better but still gave me that weird "diet" taste to my tea. As you can see I have never been a fan of sweeteners, I always prefer regular sugar. I am not on a diet so I don't really care too much about the calories. However I was eager to try out Truvia because it is natural and made from the Stevia plant.

So I made my usual cup of tea and I put in one packet of Truvia. It tasted as if I needed more sweetness so I added another packet. The packets were quite small, about a half a teaspoon I would think. After tasting it again, it was quite sweet. A little too sweet I think. It seemed as if I needed 1 1/2 packets instead of using 2. So I am assuming that the sweetener is quite strong compared to sugar.

It dissolved great, did not create a froth or weird bits floating around. Which was nice. However my tea just still didn't taste the same as it usually does when I use sugar. So for me...I could tell that it wasn't sugar immediately. It had that "fake sugar" taste. In my opinion if you're not on a diet or watching calories this does not make a good sugar substitute.

However this being a no calorie sweetener most people who use it will be on a diet, watching calories, or allergic to sugar in which I have this to makes a damn good alternative for those who can't have sugar. It dissolves well, it tastes halfway decent, and it has zero calories. I believe just like diet's simply a acquired taste. And after drinking a few cups of tea or coffee with sweetener like this I too could get used to it.

And I can see various uses for this sweetener, baking, tea, coffee, other kinds of drinks. It has multiple uses for sure.

Overall I believe it is a good product. It does the job, and it does it well. Even though I may taste the difference I believe for those who need sweeteners instead of sugar this is a great substitute!

Thanks to Influenster for providing me with the opportunity to try it!

Stay tuned for more reviews and blogs coming soon!

For more info on Truvia please check out their site HERE!