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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day!!!

That's been my song all morning. The heavy rain and thunder woke me up this morning and I haven't been able to get back to sleep since it seems.

So whats a girl to do on a poopy day like this. Don't have work today so I have literally a whole day to spend being bored and trying to amuse myself.

Well I worked on a video for my YouTube. Should be posting it fairly soon. It's a cute Lady Gaga inspired gold and plum lip tutorial.

Also my giveaway is going on as we speak....and will be ending March 3. So looking forward to picking a winner!

I have had the Stereo Love song by Edward Maya stuck in my head since 2 days ago. I literally cannot get it out of my head. It is permanently embedded in my brain. And I don't even know the words really so I just faintly hear the singing and the little beat with the accordion sounding instrument in my head. Over and over.

Muffin, my dog, refuses to get up off the couch and won't even turn to look at me when I walk around. Apparently she is not going to be of any company today.

Baking a cake would be fun...if I only had some icing. Or cream cheese to make icing anyhow.

I really don't like watching much tv so that's outta question.

It's nearing noon maybe I can fix some lunch.

Well anywho...I'll be busy trying to find something to do today. Check out my YouTube for my latest video! And don't forget to join in the Giveaway going on now!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Newest Favorite Mascara!

A girl changes her opinion's about mascara as often as she breathes it seems. Lol. And I am no different! I have long been a mascara fanatic and I love me a good mascara at all times! I feel like I have always tried all the oldies but goodies, Lash Stiletto, Lash Blast, Grow Luscious, etc...etc...the list goes on. So I feel I have a pretty good opinion on mascara's!

So that's where my current favorite comes in, mark. Lash Splash Mascara.

I recently purchased this and I have to say I have been thrilled with it. I decided to check out the last chance section on mark.'s site and I saw this there for $1.99. Not sure of the usual price. But I was beyond sold right there and then when I read it was Waterproof too...I was down!

The one nice thing about this mascara is the unique packaging. You can buy this by itself and simply leave packaging as is, or if you purchase another hook-up such as eyeliner or lip glosses you can simply connect the two by a small hookup piece which usually runs .50 cents or sometimes is free when you purchase two hookup's anyhow. It's nice to have them hook together because for one it's convenient and it saves space in my makeup bag and I got two things in one place.

Also this mascara is waterproof as I mentioned which is very wonderful because my eye's tend to get watery ALL THE TIME and so a good mascara that won't run is essential for me! I even took my dog out on a windy day and my eyes watered up and this mascara never ran.

But perhaps my all time favorite thing about this mascara is the brush wand it comes with. The brush is about medium size, and small enough to get into all those tiny lil lashes but still can be used on a large area at once. The bristles though are spaced just so that it gets into every single lash. It distributes the product evenly and does not clump one bit. It isn't exactly for lenghtening but it provides such a nice natural and glamorous look to my lashes. They look how they would be meant to look. They are spread evenly and not clumped. Longer and more volumized but not fake looking and spidery! And I like my lashes that way!

I like this mascara more then drugstore mascara's I have tried. It's like that mascara you would find in Sephora or a dept store, but much more affordable.

I give this product a A+. It's going to be a favorite of mine for long to come I am sure!

If you are interested in purchasing this or other mark. products please check out my good friend and mark. rep Shareka's site. She is super helpful and will be able to recommend products best for you! And give mark.'s mascara's a try! They r awesome!