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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jersey Shore Style

I wish I was going to the shore biatch!

It's been snowing everyday for the past 3 days and I must say it's really starting to get old already. After dealing with about an inch of snow overnight 2 days ago and enjoying driving about 10 mph through the snow and trying to get out my ski slope driveway in one piece I must say I am kind of done with the whole "winter" season.

So the fact that Season 5 of Jersey Shore started last week is a very welcome thing for me. Sure....lots of people hate the Jersey Shore show. With good reason, it is a bit repetative...smushing, fighting, clubbing...over and over but I have to say I have been hooked since Season 1. I have been watching every since the show started.

Maybe it's because my fiance is from NJ. Maybe it's cause I visited there before. Who knows, but I love eyeing the girls styles and trends. I admit, I really enjoy the show. Plus with this dreary winter weather it's nice to see bikini clad bodies and good times. Something I wish was happening around here.

So I started a new series on my channel. Jersey Shore Girls series. Featuring looks from each of the girls. I really enjoyed doing the last two looks Snooki and Jwoww. Especially Jwoww because she is my favorite girl. We have a similar style and attitude. At least with recreating these looks I can get away from a little of the winter blues. Yea I am definitely not a winter person.

Well...hopefully this weather warms up soon. I could use some Shore like weather around here.

Stay warm lovelies, and be safe if the weather is bad where you are!

Much love,


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