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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Joining the sick club....

Well the past 3 days have been quite a fun time for me...NOT. After spending two days taking care of Bilal because he got sick, I myself have gotten sick. He can say all he wants that I shouldn't have got too close to him..but the matter at hand is that I cannot just not be near him so that is not a good excuse. Lol.

So I joined the club of "sickly people" around town about 3 days ago and I am still recovering. It kind of comes and go's in spurts. I will feel fine for about 10 mins followed by a hacking cough attack and a runny nose. Then 10 mins later I am fine again. It's enough to drive me mad. And lose sleep...which I did very well last night by the way.

I did however take the time to work on a video today which you can view below. I have been trying to work on some sort of video all week to no avail. However I finally managed something...a tag video.

I absolutely dread being sick I tell you. The scratchy throat...sore achy nose from wiping. It's springtime. It's supposed to be warm and lovely. Instead it's been freezing every night and semi-warm during the day. Not warm enough for me...or apparently cold viruses.

Thank goodness for a day off today...

Well just wanted to update on things! Please check out my video below and subscribe!

Much love!

Click here to watch my newest video!

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