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Friday, January 4, 2013

A Family Trip To Ikea

Guess what tomorrow is? Well besides it being Saturday, it's a big fun day for us (me & my fiance Bilal). We are taking a family trip to Ikea in Cincinnati. Myself, Bilal, and my parents are piling up in my mom's suv and driving the hour drive to Cincinnati from here in Louisville.  Long way to go for furniture you may say, true, but as an Ikea newbie I am thrilled to go.
So because we are moving next weekend and my mom is giving us 80% of her household furniture, because I am fairly certain she just wants new furniture and this is a good excuse to get some. So she is on the hunt for some new furniture to replace those that we are taking. And my mother, being the suave European lady that she is loves Ikea. That love has transpired onto me apparently.
At first thought, Ikea doesn't seem like the type of place people dream of visiting I am sure. I heard that within the store they have a grocery with  various Swedish items. I also heard they have a delicious restaurant. But above all there is the store full of inexpensive and modern furniture and household items. Why oh why can't they build an Ikea closer to Louisville? Ikea...listen up! We need an Ikea in Louisville!
So the night before our lil mini road trip, I keep thinking about how exciting it's going to be. The food, the furniture, the food....My dreams will be of boxes filled with furniture ready to be assembled. Who knew it could be exciting like this?
So as I retire for the night.....I can't wait for the morning. I promise to post on my experience in Ikea and what all we got for our new place! Stay tuned!

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