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Friday, June 15, 2012


What is up my home skillets? It's been a while since I sat down and just wrote a blog type entry so I wanted to take the chance while I was sitting here to do so.

So first off....hope you guys are doing well! I try to update my blog, pinterest, and Youtube as often as I can. And it's hard at times but I make time.

So as you all know, I started a new job a while ago as a Dietary Aide and it's been tough. I swear I work like a horse. I leave work feeling exhausted. I hate to say it but I am almost reconsidering if this job is right for me at times. I just have never felt so exhausted, drained and tired in my life. And it's taking a toll on's been triggering panic attacks for me. As well as stressing me to the point of where I just don't feel like myself. I have never felt like this before.

Secondly, I have started college. Yep I am back in school. I am attending Penn Foster College online and so far I really like it. It's challenging and I love being able to do my school work whenever I want and when it's convenient for me. I am going for my associates degree in medical assisting. So yea me! I got a 90 on my first exam already. Woo!

I just feel lost in everything. I don't get to go out as much as I used to because me and my fiance get up so early. We get up at 5 am. I mean I am glad to have a job and I am more financially stable which is great but I just really feel worn down.

Working on my Youtube videos and blog is pretty much what kinda relaxes me and helps me concentrate and feel more like myself. Well and being with my fiance..he always makes me feel better.

Sorry this wasn't the best of notes to start a post on but I had to get some things off my chest and just vent I guess.

Stay tuned for new videos coming up! I am working on some goodies for you all!

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