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Monday, August 13, 2012

Product Review: Always Radiant Infinity Pads & Tampax Radiant Tampons

Hey hunnie bunnies! Yea yea..the picture I know. It probably makes some of the men reading right now quiver at the thought. But for us women....well we are no stranger to that time of the month.

Call it whatever you want, the monsoon, crimson tide, big red parade, that special's not anything we can help so might as well find the best way to deal with it.

I was actually quite thrilled when I received this product in my Influenster Summer Beauty VoxBox. Partially because it was almost that time of the month and this was something I really needed because I had run out of "supplies". So the product got it's fair share of testing!

I tried out the panti-liners which were AWESOME. I cannot rave enough about them. I used them the last few days of my period when I needed that light coverage. They are absorbent but so comfortable! Whats really nice about it is that you can wear them with any kind of panty. Boy-shorts, thongs, regular undies. And they are so thin! It's incredible they hold so much but are so thin! I am definitely repurchasing!

I also tried out the tampons, and they were just awesome. Very comfortable and absorbent! Also repurchasing!

I did not try out the maxi pad because I prefer not to use pads but I am sure that the coverage is just as good!  Also the trial size we got came with a little pouch to store your feminine products which was ingenious!

So I am giving this product a A++. I mean it was everything I was expecting and more. I can't even think of one bad thing about it! I recommend it to all my girlfriends!

I wanna thank Influenster so much for this product to review and thank you to Always and Tampax! They really made dealing with periods more bearable!

For more info read below!

Check out their websites! and

Always Radiant Infinity pads feature a unique technology that conforms to each individual shape, delivering premium protection. Always Radiant Infinity pads are part of the Radiant Collection, a new complete offering of premium tampons, pads, liners and wipes that meets all of a woman’s feminine care needs. The new Collection stands out on shelves and features packaging and wrappers that compliment any girl’s unique style, making these products must-have accessories any time of the month.

Where to Buy

The Always Radiant line is available at retailers nationwide. Click here for more info.
Suggested retail price:  $3.99 - $5.49 (16 pads), $7.49 - $9.49 (32 pads)

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