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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!!

Hello lovelies! Happy 4th of July to u! I hope you all have a safe and exciting 4th of July!

As of right now the weather here in my town is a bit dreary and rainy however the weather is supposed to clear up around 5 or 6 so my fiance, and family will be going downtown for the Independence Festival. There is going to be music and food and then a firework show tonight. It's going to be quite exciting. I am planning on bringing my camera to take some pictures. I will try to share them with you all once I do.

Oh yes and GOOD NEWS! I ordered my Macbook two days ago but because of the holiday weekend it won't be arriving till later this week. However my channel will be back up here soon!

I know it's quite a bit short of a post but I wanted to just wish u all a happy holiday! I do have to get ready for going out later.

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