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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Product I Love: Calgon Femme Inferno Body Spray & A Quick Update!

Boo ya!

Lol. Feeling a bit random today!

Hello to all! I wanted to make a post today because I was pretty excited to tell you all about a product I truly fell in love with. Also just wanted to do a quick update to let u all know how I have been and whats been going on as far as my channel and video's coming back.

So firstly, I was shopping for some groceries a few days back at Walmart. I know I am always in Walmart right? Lol. So I was kinda wandering after a while and I happened to land in the body spray and spa products section. I was just kinda sniffin around at some of the different products and body sprays. I happened upon this one. The Calgon Femme Inferno Body Mist.

I have used other Calgon products before and though I do like them I have always found the scents to not last long enough for me. It seemed like after a few hours the scent was gone and I was sad. :(

I sprayed a little bit of this spray on my arm and I instantly loved the smell. According to Calgon the fragrance consists of a sultry blend of pink pepper, vivid bergamot, and lily of the valley. The scent was just like something I would wear. It was a bit musky and mysterious and I went ahead and picked it up. It was about $7. So not too pricey.

So the test was how long did the smell stay for. Well I smelled my arm the next morning before work and sure enough the scent was still there. It was a bit more faint but it was still there. And it smelled a little better after it dried out as well. So I was definitely hooked on this fragrance. I recommend it you like sultry smells like this one you try it out. And at $7 it's quite a steal. Can be found in most drugstores and grocery stores. Anywhere they sell Calgon products. Or also on their website. Good job on this one Calgon.

So as for my channel. I have been trying to update on there as well. I should be getting my Macbook within a week or two and my channel will be back up. I am very close!

In the meantime I have been job hunting, and also enjoying the warm weather we have been having. My tattoo has healed up quite nicely. Also my fiance and I went shopping a few days ago and he went with me to Sephora. He's the bestest! :) He bought me the Urban Decay Naked Palette which I have been wanting for quite some time. I love it! So I am excited to do some videos on looks made with the palette! Better late then never right! So yea, about to make some lunch I will catch you guys later! Thanks for reading!

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