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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A new home for my blog!

Hey and welcome to my blog!
Many of you might already be subscribed to my Youtube Channel LilMsSusieQ. I haven't been able to post up any new video's in...well...a long time! Lol. After a mishap with my old computer it just plain out crashed so now I am having to get a new one. I'm saving up for a Macbook Pro. I figure it will be nice to use IMovie instead of Windows Movie Maker for once! So I'm working on it. Girls living on a budget.

However I was planning to start up a blog site for my subscribers and also more information to be posted on here when it comes to my videos, fashion, or beauty. So that's where this blog stems from.

So first off let me say that you should most definitely add and bookmark my blog site. Because as with my video's there will be many goodies on here to read and learn. As well as info on my giveaways I will be hosting.

Also, here is just a little preview of what I will be doing more video's on in the near future.
*Outfit of the Day videos
*Cooking Videos
*Polish Videos as well as English Videos
*A Day in The Life Videos
*Event Videos
*How to Wear... Videos
*Craft Videos

So if you haven't already subscribed to my channel please subscribe:

I guess I will end this on a optimistic note...check back for my next post. I am hoping to do a OOTD post on here. Catch ya'll later!


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