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Saturday, May 14, 2011

OOTD: Going Out & Sunless Tan Update

Hello my lovelies! So I know I haven't shared the pictures from my sunless tanning experiment. Personally I didn't even want to take pictures of it! Lol.

So the verdict from my experiment using the Salon Bronze Airbrush Tan System.
Score: D

The actual gun itself was quite easy to use. It was quick, had a good spraying mist, and the color showed up quickly.

Bad points.....

1- This took way too long to dry. I sat waiting for it to dry for about 10 minutes and it wasn't even close to being dry. I waited another 10 minutes and it was a little drier so I went ahead and put on my pj's. Bad idea, apparently it still wasn't fully dry and so I stained my clothes, the bed, and everything else.

2- Soon after using and I mean 15 minutes after I put on my clothes the tan was wearing off. I could take my finger and rub it across my wrist once and the color would come off. I already knew at this point this was a bad idea.

3- The day after the tanning people did notice I was tanner. They said the color looked good. It wasn't orange but an actual tan color. Which was nice.

4- As soon as I took a shower the next day most of the product washed off in the shower. I could actually see the color in the water going down the drain. When I got out to dry I noticed huge splotches of missing color on me and large patches where the color washed off.

5- Two days after I looked a patchy mess. We had went out to a Bike Night event and even my fiance's friends noticed my discolored look. They told me I looked like an Oompa Loompa and commented on my splotchy botched tan look. It wasn't really too bad, once I explained to them about my experiment with sunless tanning spray they understood.

6- Today about a week later some of the color is still on me and in patches. I have tried to scrub it off with no luck. But other area's the color is gone completely.

So I have decided to never use this product again.
I will say however that to date the best tanning product I ever used was Banana Boat's Deep Dark Color Tanning Lotion. It stayed on for a max of about 3-4 days before getting splotchy and the color looked just as nice. The price on that lotion is about $9 at Walmart.

So moving on here are some pictures from yesterday and my outfit of the day!
By the way, I am halfway to getting my Macbook Pro and being able to start making my video's again!!!!!! Yes!

Wearing my jeggings I got from Marshalls. These are made by American Eagle. $14.00

Shirt by Lot29 from AJ Wright. $12.00

This is the full outfit. The shoe's are by Wild Diva and I purchased them at Dots. $12.00

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