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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Product Test Drive: Nivea Touch of Sparkle Body Wash

Hello lovelies! For this Product Test Drive I have been trying out the new Nivea Touch of Sparkle Body Wash. I purchased it at Walmart for $3.00 on sale.

This body wash promises a light floral scent and a hint of sparkle on your skin. I was actually pretty excited to try it out because I love the look of clean glowy sparkly skin. I had a product from Jergen's a long time ago that was a lotion infused with sparkle. It was one of my favorites.

So the scent of the body wash was lovely. It promises a White Calla Blossom Scent. It smelled very fresh and floral. My entire bathroom smelled wonderful afterwards. My skin felt soft and hydrated and definitely not dried out.

I was looking for the little specks of sparkle but I didn't see any. The body wash promises a sparkle due to the infusion of Diamond Powder in the body wash. I didn't see any difference as far as sparkle was concerned. I have to say I was a bit disappointed. I was really hoping Nivea pulled through with that portion.

The scent stayed on my skin for hours after showering. At least 2-3 hours. My skin felt smooth as well.

The product was great. I loved the scent, and I loved the stay power of the fragrance. I also loved how it made my skin feel. And the container it comes in is a pretty large size for $3.00. However the lack of sparkle really ruined the experience for me.

So I will give this product a rating of- C-

All was great and it was a really nice body wash to use, especially where hydration is concerned. However if you're looking for that subtle won't find it here. You're better off dipping yourself in a vat of glitter. : )

Stay tuned for the next Product Test Drive!

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